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Collaborative Projects

Seadream Education delivers support projects to businesses, education, community through collaboration and in association with a variety of funding bodies. Below are a number of the projects we have running for 2022. 

Plymouth Sound Maritime Heritage

Heritage Fund

Despite Plymouth’s amazing heritage of national importance, many who live within its environs are unaware of its legacy. Through this project we facilitate local communities to celebrate their local maritime heritage through exciting activities and trips. Seadream Education leads this project with community participants, selected with the assistance of mainstream schools, specialist schools, community groups and public places, such as libraries.

Together for our planet (National Lottery)


Seadream Education CIC would like to raise awareness in our communities of the link between people’s actions and the natural environment, with particular regard to why and how we can reduce our carbon footprint. We are keen to use visual aids to convey this message, and we are currently developing immersive – locally filmed 360 degree footage for viewing with a Virtual Reality (VR) headset or in the new 15m community dome at Market Hall, Plymouth.

The project will benefit various and diverse groups of people from the local community, for free; aiming for around 6 different groups of 30 to 150 individuals. These will include youth groups (youth clubs, brownies); adult clubs and societies (from historical societies to local walk and talk groups); and, free activities to attendees to public events/ places and spaces.

We are so thrilled to say we have received #NationalLottery funding for our community climate action project! Thanks to @tnlcomfund  #TogetherforOurPlanet programme, we are able to move forward with “Together for our Planet” where Seadream will be raising awareness in our communities of the link between people’s actions and the natural environment, with particular regard to why and how we can reduce our carbon footprint. We will be using visual aids to convey this message, and we are currently developing immersive, locally filmed 360 degree footage for viewing with a Virtual Reality (VR) headset, as well as hopefully in the new 15m community dome at Market Hall, Plymouth. The project will benefit many diverse groups of people from the local community of all ages, with free activities in a wide variety of venues and public spaces.  So please COME AND GET INVOLVED! 😍

#NationalLottery #OneStepGreener

Activities 115 – Kingsbridge

  • Supported by Activities 115 in Kingsbridge, Seadream is curating a programme of unique, fun workshops and trips out for adults with learning disabilities, exploring the wonders of the marine life in our local waters, our shorelines, nature and our environment, how saving the planet starts at home and so much more!
  • With Sessions both our on various sites and also at Activities 115 Fore Street Kingsbridge , Seadream is thrilled to be running fun and immersive workshops, where together we will exploring the wonders of the marine life in our local waters, our shorelines, as well as nature and our environment. We will also be looking at how saving the planet starts at home and so much more!
  • Activities 115 mission is to create a world where disability and Autism is overcome by positive activity. They want to ensure adults living with learning differences, disability or autism, feel enabled to live an enriched and enjoyable life. They want to empower people, boost their confidence and give them a chance to feel fulfilled from day to day.
  • Their opportunites extend to those living within the Kingsbridge community and beyond and so sign up now for these awesome weekly sessions!

Keyham Sparks

  • Seadream have been awarded funding by Keyham Sparks to visiting schools and community groups in Keyham with their workshops.  Contact us if you want us if you would like us to visit you? Simply email
  • We can work with you on how to support your community, children, young people and families in Keyham and help deliver projects and ideas into the community. 

Creative UK

In collaboration with local tech specialist and Head of Immersive Experiences at Volume Innovate Seth White, We are in the process of formatting the 360-degree footage for viewing with a Virtual Reality (VR) headset or in the new 15m community dome at Market Hall, Plymouth. The exciting storyboard is coming together!

  • Our community interest company mission is to instil passion, awe, knowledge, understanding and respect for the world around us underpins the business and drives positive outcomes within and throughout the community. Although we are a non-profit organisation we have a desire to grow, to generate a steady income stream, to build the security needed to employ more staff, to have better resources and to have a greater impact. We create value as a team of professional scientists striving to showcase our experiences in unique and modern ways. We have a competitive advantage because of our advanced knowledge and diverse experiences. We are committed to develop new and better ways to share our experiences as well as continuing to advance our own skillsets.
  • Our aim is to use our unique 360-degree video footage to create two types of immersive experience. One will be to view within person-controlled headsets at events, an experience we can commercialise. In some cases, educational elements will be overlaid, making our offer to in the education sector commercially stronger. The other is to produce 360 videos as part of a community workshop to view on the new, local, state-of-the-art 15m dome. The idea will be to have a Seadream event where visitors, often organised groups rather than individual members of the public, will gain a unique 360-dome experience in conjunction with a workshop with supporting demo’s, props and “make and take activities” to complete the Seadream experience.
  • These resources will make our company offer stand out and outstanding. They will help us launch into the trading arena and enable us to rely less heavily on grant funding, thus making us increasingly sustainable
  • This funding allows us to organise storyline, narration, reel, stitching etc…the creative aspects

South Hams District Council Climate Engagement Fund

Starting in July 2022!

*Exciting new resources to compliment/ facilitate giving energy advice; deliver new community engagement sessions and school outreach activities – Including a thermal imaging camera!

With vital targets to reach by 2030 we must make a difference to the current human induced accelerated global warming. Our project aims to raise awareness of the current climate and biodiversity emergency and promoting realistic actions for people in communities to carry out.

 This project will encourage and facilitate action across rural communities – from households and businesses to school pupils and community groups. We will show participants how to measure their carbon footprint and help make their personal journeys towards Net Zero. We will deliver bespoke sessions to make realistic and achievable actions to the projects diverse community participants.

In addition to the carbon saving tips, we will highlight the importance of shifting towards renewable energy – and the need for a generation of super engineers to continue making awesome breakthroughs in energy production. We will inspire all participants to become a net zero hero!


Celebrate STEAM in the SW

“Celebrate STEAM in the SW” is one of our current ongoing projects with a collective of local organisations with similar missions.😍 We all want to share our passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths (STEAM) in a collective way. We are collectively developing our Immersive Reality resources that could be used with phones, VR headsets and projected in a dome. Our output ideas and our route to achieve this are taking shape, thanks to the Plymouth Octopus Project – POP+ collective process. Our collaborative output is shaping into film/ trailer type footage, that weaves our individual stories seamlessly. Flowing with the common thread that shows how we are all dealing with different aspects of the climate emergency and other environmental issues. This collaborative output is not just a normal film, as we are talking 360 degree 😍 so it can be used with multimedia, including the new Plymouth Market Hall dome! Watch this space…exciting things are coming!


    • HOW CAN WE HELP YOU? 😍 Seadream Education CIC is offering a FREE and fun, informal learning project to benefit people aged 16 to 60ish, who are currently not in employment, education or training!
    • Seadream Activities are designed for each participant, working at your own pace and Covid secure; environment, science, discovery, art, technology, business, personal development, confidence building, employability, teamwork – these are just some of the ideas and you can help design your own programme – all for FREE!
    • Seadream Activities are suitable for all, regardless of gender, ethnic background or social status.
    • Please contact Juliette for more information or via our social media pages.
    • This project is part funded by the ESF and ESFA as a part of the Community Grants Programme.


    Stop Loan Sharks

    Seadream delivers sessions, often in PSHE classes, to describe loan sharks by adding in exciting facts about real sharks and introducing participants to some real predatory parasites! (not literally as the risk assessment would be far too complex!) We explain how they, like loan sharks, coerce their prey and are sly and sinister, targeting struggling victims. This begins to introduce the terminology and set the scene in an informative, enjoyable and educational session. We will show some gruesome examples in nature to encourage discussions to be instigated and feelings be stirred. These sessions raise awareness and teach the signs and methods of loan sharks.

    Innovation, Youth and Community (PETROC)

    This are pilot activities to complement and/or enhance our existing ESF Community Grants Programme, particularly focused on the priority places of Torridge and West Devon, as well as North Devon, where take-up has been low.  This will include capacity building activity for VCSE groups and a trial delegated small grants scheme addressing UK CRF priorities not currently covered by the ESF Community Grants programme (eg net zero and environment; digital skills (where not covered by eg bootcamps etc); upskilling/re-skilling for those in work; small-scale knowledge transfer etc.

    2) Encouraging community engagement to build on positive outcomes from the pandemic and develop new volunteering, social action and work experience opportunities for young people;

    3) Piloting an Adult Success Coaches programme to support the unemployed, particularly in priority groups and those most severely impacted by Covid-19;

    4) Developing end-user involvement in management of projects/initiatives, focused on young people furthest from the labour market, where this has not previously been achieved effectively;

    5) Developing a better baseline understanding of geographical hotspots, connectivity of places, the definition of ‘rural’ and accessibility of urban services, to ensure future services are better designed to meet the needs of rural communities;

    6) Sharing of insight and undertaking collaborative problem solving regarding identified challenges around accessibility of support services for young people in order to develop systems and resources to help youth workers navigate external support services effectively; and

    7) Develop and pilot innovative in-work support for unemployed/inactive people once they move into employment to improve their ability to sustain employment and prevent repeated instances of unemployment. 


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