at Devon County Show! 

This prestigious award is given to projects and organisations who have made the most outstanding contribution to improving the lives of their community and Seadream were thrilled to be Joint winners in 2022 for their Ocean Discovery Zone Programme.

The Ocean Discovery Zone is an outreach programme that travels the length and breadth of the Southwest, run by a team of professionals from conservationists to marine biologists, showcasing the wonders of the Ocean. It culminates in the large installation at Devon County Show and is one of the biggest features on the showground. It is a real highlight of the show, where visitors are invited to engage in fun and meaningful activities and resources,designed to connect them to Devon’s wealth of coastal waters. We are passionate about inclusivity and accessibility and take elements of the Ocean Discovery Zone to schools, clubs and organisations throughout the year. We offer a wide range of workshops and activities that can be tailored to suit age/theme and include fabulous, immersive activities and experiments, using lots of fun resources, covering STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths, as well as Environment and Conservation, Community and more! 

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Dr Juliette Jackson was delighted to have won the Award: “We are passionate about developing new content to engage the community as well as make it interactive, immersive and accessible to all groups. We are thrilled to receive any additional support that will help us achieve our goals.”



What can you explore and experience in the Ocean Discovery Zone? 

  • You could explore underwater with our VR headsets, taking you under the Devon Ocean to experience close encounters with wildlife!Seadream Education has been creating new technical educational resources with the use of our underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles and we shared footage of an undersea adventure and an ocean voyage, exploring our local coastal habitat on our VR headsets with visitors!
  • You could have a go at controlling our Min ROVs and see our coastal operational ROV – Remotely Operated Vehicle.  This underwater drone is controlled from above the water to use for habitat mapping and underwater exploration. Visitors got the chance to see this advanced technology as well as have a go at operating and controlling our mini ROVs!
  • Explore our shorelines – we had lots of things to explore and handle including shells, mermaids purses and more.
  • Habitat Hunt challenge – A challenge to understand the diverse homes and environments in the sea.
  • You could explore the Deep Sea in our immersive “Deep Sea walkthrough Experience!”  seeing creatures from the Deep!     
  • You could find out about our South West Jellyfish Survey and these amazing creatures! We love to hear from anyone who sees jellyfish in the sea or washed ashore. You can send info about your sightings to us at We started just looking at the South Coast of Devon, but jellyfish don’t know where the boundaries are so we have expanded to cover all coasts of South West England and the offshore islands like Lundy and Scilly. We collect sightings data and use that to help us decide where to look for juvenile jellyfish and where to collect water samples for our eDNA research. We love talking jellies so come and see us at the show and see how you can get involved!  Find out more and follow us on 
  • Investigate and debate your pledge to the oceans and environment.

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