Seadream’s award winning Outreach Workshops

Let us bring our fully accessible, award-winning outreach workshops to your classroom at school, club or organisation. Run by Dr Juliette Jackson these are fun, engaging, student focused sessions. They all include immersive, inspiring activities and experiments and can be run in the classroom or out in the field. 

All our workshops include fabulous, immersive activities and experiments, using lots of fun resources and they can be reduced in session size to suit. We cover a wide range of subjects under the STEAM umbrella – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths, as well as Environment and Conservation, Community and more and we can of course tailor the workshops to ensure we are helping teachers/clubs with their specific topic aims or the curriculum.

Seadream offers such a wide range of workshops and activities that we haven’t got room to list them all below in here but we have shown some examples.  A lot of our workshops are fully funded so do get in touch to see how we can help you! 

Other examples of workshops in the Seadream Programme

  • The Science of Bubbles – Lots of “fairy clean fun” learning about the chemical structure of soap, bubbles in nature, shape and efficiency. If you have never stepped into a bubble then now is your chance!
  • The Brain and Dementia Awareness – being aware of how our brains are and how dementia gradually breaks all the wonderful connections that make us work will make it easier to recognise signs of dementia as well as promote compassion and comfort through shared understanding. The lessons are structured in a positive light about how our brains work. 
  • Design, Construction and Impact testing.
  • Publish Your Passion – Inspire others by creating literature to share your knowledge and passion, whether that is science, engineering, climate change, marine wildlife.
  • Creative Engineering and Energy Transfer.
  • Everyday Engineering – Practical and exciting activities that show how things work and how engineering effects our everyday lives.
  • Cool Chemistry – Making and testing bath bombs, universal indicator and exploring the properties of gases with dry ice.
  • Circuits, Electricity and Magnetism – Games, experiments and energising activities to engage and inspire.
  • Passionate about Plankton and Barmy for Bugs? – Explore these drifting organisms that live in the surface layers of the ocean and the thousands of species of bugs that live amongst us on land.

Workshop Funding and Costs

A lot of our workshops are funded through different projects we have running, so therefore depending on our current funders, Seadream can often offer free or subsidised workshops. In the event that we do not have any current free opportunities, workshop rates are in the region of £200 per day but are totally negotiable. Please get in touch to discuss opportunities and rates.


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